Famous French Traders in Wall Street and The City

Any individual with interest in the financial affairs of the
world must have at a given time heard of Wall Street. If not then divine
intervention is highly recommended. Wall Street is generally used when
referring to the financial markets of the America but specifically New York
based financial interest. Since America dominates the world’s economy, its
financial affairs are of much interest to the whole world. There is a French lessons in Paris,

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All along, traders in Wall Street are known to be robust,
laser focused since they handle great quantity of work that is of much
influence to the world’s economic survival. Running along the lower Manhattan
in New York City, Wall Street is the home to two world largest stock exchange
by total market capitalization. This would clearly justify why it’s a beehive
of activity.


At the center stage of Wall Street are quants. These are millennial
or rather the math gurus running the affairs of the Wall Street. The old school
traders are currently being outsmarted by the math geniuses who use algorithms
to beat markets.


Take for example Elie Galam, a soft spoken quant armed with
highly sophisticated software to help him beat the market. On a daily basis,
the 30 year old nerd runs thousands of different trading strategies through an
application he designed to find samples of trading thoughts with a higher
chance of making good money.

“It’s like seismic imaging,” claimed the French born Galam
comparing his investing approach to the process used to find pockets of oil.
Dropping out at Harvard while taking his Ph.D., we tried to find out how he
ended up working at Wall Street. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates are names that
dropped off Harvard and are doing pretty well, may be his date with destiny is
yet to reach.


From an early age, Galam cherished mathematics. After
graduating from Ecole Centrale, an engineering university in France, he came to
Harvard and enrolled in applied mathematics doctoral program.


France dominates in the search for quants and it has even
been nicknamed Quant Valley and all these success can be attributed to the lady
by the name Nicole El Karoui. She is
an architect in this field and has played a pivotal role in ensuring France’s
academic institutions teach quantitative finance to match the world standards.
The universities in France can now boast among the best in the entire universe
for producing high caliber and highest paid finance graduates.


Those who were privileged to have undergone the tutelage of Prof
Nicole El Karoui are famously sought
after on both in Wall Street and London’s Square Mile. She had shaped the
financial world from the outside and as result of this, quite a number of
French quants flooded both the United States and United Kingdom


Fabrice Tourre, a former executive director of the
structured products group trading for Goldman Sachs also attend Ecole
CentraleParis. He was full of controversies and at one time he was fined for
defrauding investors.


Bruno Iksil, a former trader nicknamed “the whale of London”
for his bet on markets is also reported to have attended Ecole Centrale. This
clearly shows the strides of the French quants.

There is a list of trading companies.

It seems a background in strong Mathematics coupled with being
a tech savvy and a lover of computer software can open the doors for one to be a quant.

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