Peugeot has created the quickest electric bike in the world



Company Peugeot has presented the public the next the fastest electric bicycle eU01s. The uniqueness of the model is in the combination of the characteristics of a scooter and a standard electric bike. The novelty is equipped with the Bosch Performance Line engine, which allows you to reach speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour. In this case the power reserve of a two-wheeled vehicle reaches about 95 kilometers with a full charge of the battery.


Also, the electric bike has got hydraulic brakes with 180-mm discs and a compact on-board computer with a 4.3-inch Bosch Nyon monitor. The gadget will allow the model owner to connect the smartphone to the control system to monitor various indicators. The presentation of the novelty will take place in the framework of the Paris Motor Show, and in December the vehicle will appear in stores. However, the value of the electric bike has not been reported yet.


The new electric bike gives a hope that its investigation will open a new epoch in the history of electric bikes industry. The name speaks for itself. Particularly, Peugeot is the leading brand in the market of folding bicycles – starting with the production of the first folding bicycle for the captain of the French army Henri Gerard in 1892, and ending with the world-famous collapsible bicycles Peugeot dated back to 1970’s. Nowadays Peugeot has accepted new challenges of urban mobility in the evolution of the city space. The first folding electric bike Peugeot eF01 added to the range of electric bike brand launched in 2009. To date, the line includes more than 10 models that are suitable for any purpose.


If you want to receive a feeling of relaxation and open energy, there is no need to buy exactly Peugeot model of electric bikes but it is important to choose the right model with the peculiarities you need in boutique velo electrique paris.

Famous French Traders in Wall Street and The City

Any individual with interest in the financial affairs of the
world must have at a given time heard of Wall Street. If not then divine
intervention is highly recommended. Wall Street is generally used when
referring to the financial markets of the America but specifically New York
based financial interest. Since America dominates the world’s economy, its
financial affairs are of much interest to the whole world. There is a French lessons in Paris,

It will be easier for you to learn French thanks to a French tutor.



All along, traders in Wall Street are known to be robust,
laser focused since they handle great quantity of work that is of much
influence to the world’s economic survival. Running along the lower Manhattan
in New York City, Wall Street is the home to two world largest stock exchange
by total market capitalization. This would clearly justify why it’s a beehive
of activity.


At the center stage of Wall Street are quants. These are millennial
or rather the math gurus running the affairs of the Wall Street. The old school
traders are currently being outsmarted by the math geniuses who use algorithms
to beat markets.


Take for example Elie Galam, a soft spoken quant armed with
highly sophisticated software to help him beat the market. On a daily basis,
the 30 year old nerd runs thousands of different trading strategies through an
application he designed to find samples of trading thoughts with a higher
chance of making good money.

“It’s like seismic imaging,” claimed the French born Galam
comparing his investing approach to the process used to find pockets of oil.
Dropping out at Harvard while taking his Ph.D., we tried to find out how he
ended up working at Wall Street. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates are names that
dropped off Harvard and are doing pretty well, may be his date with destiny is
yet to reach.


From an early age, Galam cherished mathematics. After
graduating from Ecole Centrale, an engineering university in France, he came to
Harvard and enrolled in applied mathematics doctoral program.


France dominates in the search for quants and it has even
been nicknamed Quant Valley and all these success can be attributed to the lady
by the name Nicole El Karoui. She is
an architect in this field and has played a pivotal role in ensuring France’s
academic institutions teach quantitative finance to match the world standards.
The universities in France can now boast among the best in the entire universe
for producing high caliber and highest paid finance graduates.


Those who were privileged to have undergone the tutelage of Prof
Nicole El Karoui are famously sought
after on both in Wall Street and London’s Square Mile. She had shaped the
financial world from the outside and as result of this, quite a number of
French quants flooded both the United States and United Kingdom


Fabrice Tourre, a former executive director of the
structured products group trading for Goldman Sachs also attend Ecole
CentraleParis. He was full of controversies and at one time he was fined for
defrauding investors.


Bruno Iksil, a former trader nicknamed “the whale of London”
for his bet on markets is also reported to have attended Ecole Centrale. This
clearly shows the strides of the French quants.

There is a list of trading companies.

It seems a background in strong Mathematics coupled with being
a tech savvy and a lover of computer software can open the doors for one to be a quant.

Accounting Firm Spira Twist explains how to get a loan when you’re a startup


For many aspiring entrepreneurs, the single greatest deterrent to them starting a business is a lack of access to finance. Banks and other traditional lending institutions tend to make it difficult for startups especially to access loans due to their strict lending conditions. It’s advisable therefore that as a startup looking to access financing you seek the counsel of experienced professionals in the area of finance, as they understand the nuances involved in that sector and will be better able to instruct you. Formed in 1997 and having established a global recognition as experts in the area of accounting, Spira Twist and Associates fits this bill. In this article accounting firm Spira Twist explains how to get a loan when you’re a startup.

Deciding which type of lender as well as the type of loan that you are going to apply for should be done before you start submitting any applications. There are some loan facilities that will suit a startup more than others, and knowing these beforehand will save you time as you won’t be walking into every loan company trying to see which one of them will be willing to offer you a loan.

In addition narrowing your options will allow you to focus your applications on meeting the necessary requirements of each selected company which will increase your likelihood of having a successful application. The Business News Daily, in their article, A Guide to Choosing the Right Small Business Loan ( had proposed the following questions to consider, which would help you to decide which kind of lender and loan you should choose;

How much money will you need?

It is important that you don’t under estimate the amount that you need, as you may find yourself running out of money sooner than you expected. It is equally important that you don’t over estimate either, as too large an amount may cause loan agencies to shy out of the agreement especially if you don’t have a proven track record.

What will the money be used for?

Be very clear about what the money that you are seeking will be spent on. Lending agencies want to know that you are going to hold yourself accountable for the funds that they are going to lend to you and that you will not abuse it, but will instead invest it wisely, so they can be guaranteed repayment.

How soon do you need the money?

Lending agencies want to see how prepared you are to actually get started in business. They want to know that you are ready to go, and the finances that they provide will be the final piece of the puzzle. Any hint of unpreparedness may cause them to decline your application.

How long will you take to pay back the loan?

Lending agencies want to know how soon you will start generating income, so that you can pay them their money back. They also want to see that you do have some sort of plan for repayment. They likely won’t lend if it appears that paying them back their money, has not figured in any of your planning.

What collateral, if any is needed to secure the loan?

Most entities will require collateral; this of course will ensure that lenders have some way of recovering their money if you are unable to pay them back. If you do not have collateral, do not be dismayed, there are several loan facilities available, usually offered by the government that may not require that you put up capital. The US Small Business Association is one such example, though you must meet certain eligibility requirements to qualify. You may visit this link to see their criteria; Check with your local organization that is responsible for small businesses to find out if such a facility exists in your country.

If you are looking to start your own business, but face a challenge where capital is concerned, don’t be discouraged. You will be able to gain access to capital by adequately answering the questions stated above, and doing your necessary research. There are myriads of funding options available, that will provide you with the funds that you need, so that you will be able to get your startup off the ground.

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Quick Cash Loan Secrets: How to Know if You’ve Found the Right One


Be it for a planned expense such as crossing off an item in your travel bucket list, or a pressing financial need like coping with an increase in your child’s tuition fee, you may consider getting a cash loan. More often than not, when in comes to cash loans, quicker is often seen as better.

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Year-End Finance Tips for Small Businesses and Freelancers


As 2016 starts to wind down, small businesses, freelancers and those earning 1099 income should consider these important things to accomplish.

CPA tax review. The first thing I recommend is to schedule an appointment with your tax advisor, certified public accountant (CPA), or enrolled agent (EA) and meet by early December to review your income, expenses and taxes you expect to owe this year.

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Macquarie Bank blacklists loans for apartments in ‘risky’ suburbs


PROPERTY experts have called for a national star rating system to protect buyers from losing out when banks suddenly shift their lending criteria.

Macquarie Bank is the latest to tighten lending for apartments, with a leaked list of “risky postcodes” throwing into question the viability of new projects in a long list of suburbs across the nation.

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Ecommerce loans : our 5 min guide


If you are an online seller who provides products and services to customers, your utmost struggle is to utilize your time and money in the most effective manner possible. The products and services that you provide to the customers is integral to your business. To keep up with the top performance and services, an online seller is required to consistently maintain the financing, through capital investment or e-commerce loans.

It is important for a seller to have competitive prices to challenge competitors, in this case, it is advisable to use tool for price monitoring.

It is important to understand the reason behind financing your business, right time and the appropriate mode of financing your e-commerce business. So, let’s start by understanding the different requirements or needs that require financing:

1) For the revenue growth of your business.

This is the most common reason for business loans. It is used by the small and medium enterprises to utilize finances to further grow a healthy and promising business.

2) To meet the short-term liquidity and difference in revenues

You can counter the fluctuations in your revenue caused by change in demand/supply or seasonal changes.

3) To grasp the opportunity of large orders

To be able to compete and develop your business, you need to target higher market order with larger sizes with external financing.

On the other side, gathering of finances or e-commerce loans for the purpose of funding a negative or low margin business needs to be avoided.

Whenever, you want to finance your e-commerce, you need to consider following major components that will eventually shape your financing or loans for the long-run.

· APR or Funding cost

It is the cost of funding a loan. The interest rate or the APR (Annual Percentage rate) is the fixed percentage that you will be required to pay on your principal amount.

· Modes of repayment

You can pay your loans in a single payment at maturity called the bullet loans. Also, you can pay in equal installments through amortizing loans.

· Maturity period or Term of loan

Longer the maturity period or the overall duration of the period, higher the interest rates or cost of funds.

E-commerce loans in the current banking industry

Most of the banks do not look at your online selling history therefore, it is difficult for yourself to show your creditworthiness. If you fail to provide appropriate data that is accepted by the banks or other lending institutions, your credit score is calculate lower than potential score. This will eventually result in higher costs of funding and difficult terms and conditions for your loan.

However, nowadays, there are a number of lenders who specialize in providing loans for e-businesses. They can connect more than one of your online accounts to analyze your creditworthiness. Therefore, it is important for you to assess the bank offerings and the services they provide to be able to get the best possible e-commerce loans for your business.

Learn more : 

Ecommerce Loans: The Online Sellers’ Guide to Financing

10 Ways to Finance Your Ecommerce Business.


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